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Special Session on “AR Applications in Industry 4.0” at FAIM2017

Abstract: after 25 years of research, Augmented Reality (AR) is still used mainly in gaming, virtual tourism and navigation. However, AR has a huge potential not yet expressed in CAD design, engineering support, production and maintenance. AR can bring significant benefits in the product lifecycle of the factory of the future. AR is also one of the nine enabling technologies that will power the transformation supported by Industry 4.0 initiative. The objective of this Special Session is to identify challenges, opportunities, and new applications of AR in the industrial and engineering context; disseminate recent insights and findings by the CAD/CAM communities; demonstrate the integration between different disciplines such as engineering, computer science and human factors; define and discuss theoretical, usability and computational issues and cutting edge techniques across multiple and diversified fields. Researchers and experts from academia and industry are invited to share their original work by submitting research and application papers for this special session. We seek studies on, and contributions to, augmented and virtual reality applications in the following topics: Applications and case studies of AR in industry, Methods for industrial AR solutions, Studies on Usability & Validation of AR in CAD\E, Collaborative industrial AR systems, Usability test reports, Methods and workflow from CAD\E to AR, Technical documentation management, Visualization of complex CAD\E data in AR, Innovative metaphors to access to interactive product data, Simplification of CAD\E workflow in service and maintenance procedures, AR in safety‐critical systems, CAD\E data on mobile systems, Cognitive models for understanding the impact of AR on human perception. link

Chairs: Antonio Uva, Politecnico di Bari (Italy) – Francesco Ferrise, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)